3 Ideas to Organize Your Shop in an Afternoon

workshop can be both a blessing and a curse. While it gives you space to crank out projects of all sizes, it can quickly become overrun with stray tools and endless work in progress. To take a little bit of the “mess stress” away, consider some of the following ideas for making your space a little more manageable.

Mobile Equipment

One common organizing challenge in workshop spaces is working around large floor tools, workbenches, and shelving units. However, you can turn your biggest organizing challenge into an asset by simply adding leveling casters to the bottom of large pieces in your shop. These casters allow you to move anything you wish with simply the turn of a wheel or push of a lever. Then, once the piece is in place, simply turn the wheel the other way (or pop the lever again), and the piece drops down into place. This will allow you to rearrange your shop to easily accommodate large projects, make room for more storage or simply change the layout of your workshop anytime the inspiration strikes.

Scrap Bins

Almost any creator can relate to the challenge of managing scrap material. Though it’s tempting to just pile it up and forget about it, you probably will benefit from dedicated scrap bins. You may need several, especially if you work with a variety of materials, so purchase one for each kind of scrap you wish to save. If you’re also collecting bits for recycling or garbage, purchase some bins for these purposes too. Again, consider choosing wheeled bins (or adding casters to the bins) to make them easy to cart around your workspace. This will help you corral leftover bits easily, while also making judicious use of floor space.

leveling casters

Clutter Overhaul

One major way to reduce the mess in your shop is to simply cut down the number of things you’re storing in it. Take a good, hard look at the contents of your space. Are there any duplicates of tools or infrequently used pieces you might be able to sell? Are any abandoned projects worth passing off to a garage sale or donating to the thrift store? Are there broken tools waiting for repair or recycling? While you might tell yourself you’re storing these things to save money, consider that just storing them is still costing you something, if only in storage space.

Creating a peaceful workshop space doesn’t happen overnight. However, with a little bit of investment into your space, you can create a workshop that’s the talk of the town.

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