Benefits to Building Sprinkler Systems

If you live in an apartment building or work in a larger building, you’ve probably noticed the sprinkler heads that are sticking out of the ceiling in random spots. These little sprinkler heads are connected to an emergency fire sprinkler system. Here are a few benefits to why having a fire sprinkler system is a good idea in larger buildings.

Fire Control

The sprinkler heads on those fire sprinkler lines are designed to spin once the water is released which helps to spray the water over a very large area. This can put a fire out very quickly, which is the best way to minimize damage from fires. 

The only downside to water sprinkler systems is that while they do put out the fire, water in and of itself can also cause a lot of damage. The biggest difference between fire and water damage is that water damage typically does not degrade a building’s structure as fire does. Building owners who put in sprinkler fire systems deem the risk of water damager to be much less serious than that of fire damage.

Fire Sprinkler

It’s Often Required

In large buildings especially, apartment complex buildings are required to have fire sprinkler systems. This also involves them using a hydrostatic test pump often to make sure these lines are working properly. In a building with multiple floors, these sprinkler systems can mean the difference between life and death as fire can spread to multiple floors very quickly and hurt a lot of people quickly. 

As you can see, building fire sprinkler systems are there for a reason, to protect and save lives in the event of a fire. Making sure these lines are working correctly is extremely important and is part of any property manager’s job to make sure the safety of the tenants is prioritized.

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