Great Technology for Packaging Industries to Use Tear Strips

Tear strip becomes popular options in packaging. Even, now many people demand the use of tear strip instead of tapes. This makes packaging industries and manufacturers make proper adjustment to their production. Of course, application of tear strips can be more complicated than using the tapes. However, now Robatech has provided the solution for this problem. Packaging industries and manufacturers do not need to worry about the use of tear strips anymore because there is technology that will enhance their production and in the application of strips.

Some Reasons Why Customers Choose Tear Strips

It is not something unreasonable that customers and people in general love to use tear strips instead of tapes. One of the main reasons is its easy and fast access to open the package. What people need to do is to pull the tear strips and the package is ready to open. They do not need to find scissors or other sharp objects. They can effortlessly pull the strips and it is very simple to do. Then, tear strips make the package stay in good condition. When it uses tapes, the package can have some damage on the area of applied tapes. However, strips do not change the conditions of package and they can open the box neatly.

High Performance of Tear Strip Application

For customers, it is easy and simple to use the tears strips. However, it may not be simple for packaging industries and manufacturers. They will choose to use the tapes instead of tear strips. Thus, Robatech develops the great technology to help the industries. The technology can provide high speed in which it can apply the tear strip on the surface of package in speed of 200 meters in a minute. It is the maximum speed, and it can be reduced to the 140 meters per minute depending on the complexity of package and the strip application. Then, it is easy to program and set the technology. It gives more flexibility for the operators.

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