The Future of SEO: 3 Predictions to Keep in Mind

SEO is a continually changing and growing industry. Last year, for instance, businesses spent more than $65 billion on SEO services according to the SEO statistics by Forbes. This amount is projected to climb to over $80 billion by 2020. What do these current trends say about the future of search engine optimization?

Well, this article highlights three things you need to know about the future of SEO, according to industry experts like Eyal Gutentag, who only remain relevant in the market by adapting to frequent changes.


AMP Will Be a Ranking Factor

Responding to a Google+ Hangout question, Google’s senior webmaster expert, John Mueller, officially stated AMP is not a ranking factor. But since SEO is moving to a mobile-first world where more than 58 percent of searches come from mobile devices, Google isn’t going to wait around. AMP will eventually become one of the most crucial page ranking signals.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Run Search

SEO enthusiasts lost their minds when Google announced RankBrain, a machine learning AI system that became one of the top three search engine ranking factors. Artificial Intelligence (AI) will continue to weave its way into the SEO strategies of the future. These technologies will analyze search queries and use artificial prowess to understand the intentions of the user.

Prepare for The Undeniable Impact of Voice Search

Anthony De Guzman, one of the SEO specialists at Shopify, says that the future of search engine optimization will include an active involvement from voice search, especially around keyword research and content. The reason for this drastic change is the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, which companies incorporate in most mobile devices available on the market today. This latest technology, which supports voice searches, will solve the immediate needs that come from voice search queries.

Getting Ready for the future

No one knows what the future holds, but when it comes to search engine optimization, its best to be prepared. And while these three predictions are likely to become a reality, keep in mind that they also matter a lot today.

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