Tips for Making Your Own E-liquid

Do you love the taste of fresh e-liquid? Would you like to turn your favorite scented candles and essential oils into an easily-used liquid with just a few steps? If so, you should consider purchasing a Wax Liquidizer to quickly turn your favorite concentrated flavors into wonderful e-liquid that can be dispensed from your hand, or even bottle. You’ll be amazed at the difference this simple gadget will make.

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3 Steps In Turning Your Concentrates into E-liquid

Turn Your Concentrates into E-liquid in 3 Simple Steps: In a shot glass, carefully add 2 ounces of Wax Liquidizer to a glass with your favorite concentrated flavor, such as candle dye or carnelian. Heat the concentration to about 180 degrees Fahrenheit, stir to mix the ingredients, and then slowly heat the drink to approximately boiling. Avoid exploding by keeping the lid closed, and use a stainless steel or metal bowl to heat it up evenly. This is working great for all concentrates, and a microwave may be necessary if using a bowl, or a stove top may be necessary.

Create Your own E-juice If you’re trying to cut costs, or you just want to create something different than what’s available at the store, you may wish to consider turning wax into liquid and storing it within your pantry. Try making some apple juice, carrot juice, or other fruit flavors by adding a little bit of wax to your favorite fruits, mashing the ingredients, and then adding them to a blender. Or turn wax into cookies by mixing together equal parts wax and flour, then heating to boil. Turn the cookie into a thick, syrupy, gooey mess by stirring constantly, and then letting cool before frosting.

Create Your Own E-juice Another great way to create your own flavors is with espressos or pomegranate juices. While not technically concentrated, these are delicious and create an awesome flavor that compliments any kind of juice that you’re already creating or may decide to create on your own. To prepare these types of creations, simply combine one tablespoon of honey, one tablespoon of lemon juice, and one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice for every eight ounces of fruit. Store in a glass bottle, and occasionally open to dispense into glasses. If you want to get more ideas for different flavors, visit your local grocery store or search online for a variety of recipes. You can also find DIY kits to make these creations more affordable.

Mixing Up Your Own E Liquids

Mix Up Your Own E Liquids If you’re tired of buying expensive bottles of juices, powders, or drinks at the store, try creating your own e-liquid flavors. This won’t be as easy as it sounds, but it’s possible and it’s not too difficult. Simply mix together a handful of mints, a handful of lemons, and a single drop of lime juice to create a smooth, potent e-liquid drink that will have people taking notice. To do this, simply mix together enough mints and lemons to create a consistency similar to a thick consistency of candy, and then add a single drop of lime juice to generate a thicker consistency that is easy to spread onto your tongue. Use a single ball of latex gloves to perform this mixture so you don’t burn yourself.

Scrape Your OwnPG There are several different ways to create your own PG from your own recipes, using either sugar or propylene glycol. This can be achieved by mixing equal parts granulated sugar and water to create a thick consistency, then breaking the solution into small pieces, which can be ground into powder, and mixing into whatever juices you wish to drink. When turning wax concentrates into liquid, you must ensure that you are covering all of the inside of the container, including the valve, so that no air can escape. You can either pour the solution directly into a glass bottle or squeeze some air out of a bag and place that into the bottle with the solution, so that you can make a pour that doesn’t require any air. This process can help make your e-liquid taste much better. If you are worried about your concentration levels, try a small portion first.

Shatter Your Wax Concentrates There are many different ways to break your homemade wax liquidizer, such as using a food processor or a blender, but to get a high quality shake you should use a blender. The ingredients will combine and produce a pulpy texture that should resemble whipped cream. Next, using a food processor or a blender, you should carefully smash the chunks of concentrate into small pieces until the powder turns into a powder, and then into a fine dust. This is a simple process that will ensure that you are not wasting any of the concentrated oil that you have worked hard to create. This process is best done right before you plan on consuming the finished product, because the oil may spoil.

Blending Your Waxes If you find that your liquids are too diluted, or you are not certain how to turn wax into a liquid to use, you might want to try to blend the ingredients. To do this, all you need to do is put a few drops of one of the essential oils of your choice into your rosin liquidizer and blend away. If you aren’t sure how long you should leave the mixture on, you can use a digital multimeter to determine this, and you should be able to determine the proper time. Testing your new recipe will ensure that you always have the right flavor when you want to drink.

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